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The other big news is that  'in limbo' our special collaboration with writer/Director Dean Proctor is complete and has been submitted to film festivals worldwide. It also forms a beautiful and

bitter-sweet sequence in our live show.

The film is about the place where all the  people and paraphernalia from magic shows disapperar to. It is also about dementia.

'in limbo ' was funded with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign; we managed to break through our £5,000 target with 54hours to spare!


Huge thanks to the magnificent 102 who magically transferred money from their bank accounts, you are all completely brilliant, and we are very grateful.



James Millar

Minnie Boardman


Tobias Fauntleroy

Karen McLeod

Jessica Walters

Mollusc M Burns

Richard Trinder

Janet Hart

Jennifer Rowley

Steph Dawson

Elvie-Jo Shergold

Peter Cunningham

Jane Dinmore

Miss Behave

Mike Leigh

Hannah Dinmore

Dave Terry 

Catherine Turner

Tanya Peixoto

Ben Mourra

Mark Owen-Ward

Miki Fossati

Dan Lawton


Simon Casson

Tom Miller

Kate Early

Pip Lowe

David Mark Russell

Polina Abery

Melanie Gleeson Lee

Samuel Crews

Jon Mitchell

Dennis and Shirley Shergold

Jim Adamson

Marcus Allard

Steve Fox

Jon Fawcett

Alive Since 1968


Ben Hilwood-Harris

Sandra Evans

Karn Christensen

Jon Hicks


Gloria George

Rebecca King-Lassman

Oliver James Hymans

Jo Joelson

June Garnett


James Perrin

Olivia Freeman

Lesley Proctor

Chris Chen


Victoria Futterweit

Miranda Mahalo

Rose Thorne

Group ADI



Vie O'Lette

Steve Furst

Anna. Mould

Vivien Ashley

Daniel Postgate

Peter Richards

Joseph Broderick


Peter Cocks

Eva Leuplod

Susanne Schmid-Rojan

Shane Attwooll

Stuart Cruice

Michelle Ashby

Gerry Lovett

John Eacott

Michael Sanders

Nick Lawrenson

Caroline Loncq

Shela Hawkins

matthew Pardoe

Daniella Shergold

Rachell Gammon

Kat Tester

Helen Smith

Alison Monk


Hattie Edmonds


Kazuko Hohki

Dave Woodcock

Andrew Burdon


Lucy Benson

Annabel Cooper

Sam Hogan

Chris Owen

Ann Marie Shaw

Gypsy Germaine Wood



On August 11th we return to the gorgeous Kino Teatr but this time we are bringing some very old friends! 

Glenda & Rita are two actresses from the golden era of cinema, immortalised in black and white and struggling to find work in this brutal, unforgiving technicolour world. From "Knowing your Onions" to "The Professional Blues", Glenda & Rita will take you on a monochrome journey from their Hollywood hey-day to their miserable flat in Lancing.

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