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It’s a Kinda Magic! is the full length show by Duo Bogof where vaudeville is re-imagined for the 21st Century and inspiration is drawn from the work of early innovators of cinema such as Georges Melies and Les Freres Lumiere. 

Using film, a video camera and live trickery, the Duo Bogof reveal the bizarre and comic world of a faded magician and his ex-wife assistant both on and off stage


But don’t be fooled this is no ordinary magic show, for the Duo Bogof aren’t just magicians, they are cinemagicians. Equipped with their trusty video camera, a few magic props and the belief that anything is possible, The Duo Bogof transport you into their magical realm, whilst just about maintaining a civil working relationship post their divorce.


Through a darker lens, we catch a candid glimpse of the Bogofs’ private backstage life, their secret fantasies, dark neuroses and dysfunctional relationship; Is the giant rabbit merely a figment of Mr Bogof’s imagination? Where exactly does Mrs Bogof go when she vanishes from the magic box? 

Is this the real thing or is this just fantasy?


It’s a Kinda Magic! pulls you through the cracks of their glittering showbiz facade, into a parallel universe, where illusion and reality collide and become unsettlingly entangled.





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